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Below you have a form where you can submit your choir or update the details of your choir. It takes around 5-10 minutes to complete. As many questions as possible are multi choice to save you time. We don’t ask you to make an account.

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Please avoid copy paste and write something unique or get something unique written. The more detail you put on your page the more referrals you’ll get and if an ad is clicked instead from your page listing with us, the more ad revenue goes towards advertising you and the ‘good actors’ in your area. Read our mission to see why this is important. For information – we are unlikely to publish anything we know is not true e.g. a foundation story of a choir.

This page has been developed with the help of the English Arts Choral, Buckland & Betchworth Choral Society and the Philharmonia Chorus. Particular thanks go to Rosemary Scott for her feedback and dedication to her choirs and choral singing.