Frequently asked questions.

To provide information to the public, choir members and the industry. To promote fair practice between choirs owners, musicians, songwriters and music copyright owners. You can read the thinking behind our mission here.
Here's some info on our quick reference star ratings. 5 star definition - A great choir to sing with as a chorister and to work with longterm as a music professional. One that is, in their own way, exemplary and beneficial to the whole choir sector. 0 star definition - a bad actor rating, a level that is demonstrating, knowingly or unknowingly, actual harm to the wider choir industry. This activity (e.g. not paying for music) may provide value to those in the group but the value provided to the music industry, choir industry and community as a whole sum is less than 0.
We provide information to and for :-
  • The Performing Rights Society (PRS)
  • Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL)
  • Music Publishers
  • Music Copyright Owners
  • Songwriters
  • The Public Domain
We are funded by advertising and donations.
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