Are You Licenced?

Q. What does it mean to be licenced?

A. Everything! Your lyric sheets, scores, projector copies and digital Mp3’s of the songs you are singing at choir should all be paid for if they are in copyright.

Check below if the song you are doing at choir right now needs to be licenced?


Find out if you should be singing from licenced lyric sheets and listening to licenced downloadable music.

Enter the song name to find out if your song should have a both a lyric sheet licence and an aural copy licence?

You can share your licencing findings to fellow music industry professionals and choir members here.

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If you are a choir member you can use this tool to see if the song you are currently singing should have a permission copyright notice at the bottom of the lyric sheet or sheet music you have been provided. If you are a choir leader or administrate in a role like secretary or treasurer for a choir you can use this tool too.

See our FAQ’s on what licencing means for singers and musicians in our industry.