GDPR Compliant? 5
Phone contactable during work hours? 5
Originality? Do they offer something special? 5
Fair use of Trademarks & Trading names 5
Payment︱Contracts︱Agreements honor 5
Choir Leader Music Qualifications 5
Value for Money? 5

Rock Choir gets the highest marks!

Summary 5.0 great

Rugby Late

If you have ever thought ‘I want to join a choir near me in Cawston?’ then why not join your local Rock Choir.

Your local Cawston choir is run by singing teacher Mark O’Malley. You may know about our unique sellout O2 arena event in 2013 and our secret singing flash mobs around country for Comic Relief (just search ‘Great British flash mob’ on YouTube!), but at Rock Choir we know it’s not just about the unique huge events, it’s about our choir members singing in the community. Join your local Cawston Rock Choir to become part of this ‘national phenomenon’ (as described in the Sunday Times) and discover a whole new world of opportunities to perform and meet people.

Lift your spirits and rejuvenate your body and soul with a weekly hour and a half of exceptional singing tuition at your local Rock Choir. There’s no need to audition or read music, or even to perform if you’re not ready, there’s just a comfortable, friendly, family environment full of new friends to be made. If you are looking for a more convenient choir near Cawston or a choir on another night of the week simply visit the choir locations page at

Here is a quote about our choir – ‘It’s all been said already, but Rock Choir is just the best, most fun and most uplifting experience ever. The more people that join, the happier this country will be. ‘ – Teresa (Rock Choir member)

Rock Choir is a winner of the Red Ribbon ‘Big Heart’ Award. and holds 1 former and 2 current Guinness World Records. The choir is also credited with single handedly starting the contemparory choir movement.

Once you’ve booked your own FREE taster session HERE! You can enjoy a Spotify listen below and please do follow us for more feel good music by clicking the 3 dots below!


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