Sticks to Contracts? 5
Pay PPL fees? 5
Licences Lyric sheets? 5
Fairtrade around Trademarks and IP? 5
Originality? Do they offer something special? 5
Original social groups? 5
Morals/Principles of choir founding? 5
Pays or checks PRS fees are paid? 5
No solicitation 5
Choir leader negatively active on other choirs social groups 5
Phone contactable during work hours? 5
GDPR Compliant? 5

Run by local choir leader – Rebecca Broadbere, This is the Mold branch of the choir that started the contemporary choir movement from the UK and by extension an entire new arm of the music industry. It is the only choir that offers unlimited rehearsals each week across the UK and online. You can even learn to sign or Italian with them and more! For musicians – you get paid promptly. Song licences are sought and paid for. It’s genuinely innovative, genuinely award winning and wants to do good and it does – for the choir members, the musicians and music rights holders. Rock Choir gets the highest marks

Summary 5.0 great

Mold Morning Rock Choir

Ever wondered if there is a ‘local ladies choir near me or nearby’?

Your friendly local Mold choir is run by choir leader Rebecca Broadbere. The choir will be performing locally again soon so it’s a chance for you to join in, sing and perform without pressure and under the supportive guidance of Rebecca. Rock Choir members have performed at Wembley Arena, Eurodisney and many more iconic venues across the country.

If you find yourself racing through the week with no time for yourself, or struggling to meet new people in the area, then joining your local social singing group could be just what you need. With our unique, no-pressure approach to teaching and fun, uplifting arrangements of your favorite hit songs Rebecca will guide you through your weekly dose of music, fun and laughter.

Here is a quote about our choir – ‘The most uplifting, inspirational and empowering choir in the country. Not only are they the biggest choir in the world, they truly do move you in a way I didn’t think possible ‘ – Nick Patrick (7 x Classical Brit Award winning record producer with record sales of 40 million records)

Rock Choir is a winner of the Red Ribbon ‘Big Heart’ Award. and holds 1 former and 2 current Guinness World Records. The choir is also credited with single handedly starting the contemporary choir movement.

Once you’ve booked your own FREE taster session HERE! You can enjoy a Spotify listen below and please do follow us for more feel good music by clicking the 3 dots below!